Colerain Township is soliciting proposals for legal services as Township’s Law Director until, October 26, 2018. The Administrator of Colerain Township, Hamilton County, Ohio invites attorneys/firms, who possess the capability, expertise, and experience to provide various legal services, to submit a response in accordance with the stated requirements.

The proposal must cover the following:
a) General Duties & Responsibilities as Township Law Director
b) Specific specialized services offered by the attorney/firm

The purpose of the request is to consider an attorney/firm to serve as Township Law Director with the backing and support of a team of attorneys that can provide a wide array of services in a timely manner. In general, the Township is looking for a firm that has experience in the following areas:
– General municipal laws
– Labor law
– Zoning laws
– Economic development laws
– Property/real estate law
– Resolution development and interpretation
– Contract law
– Eminent Domain
– Trial activity
– Criminal Prosecution

All responders should be aware that the Township expects the firm/attorney to be present at meetings of the Board of Trustees, Housing Court, and other meetings/Boards as requested by the Township Administrator. The linked document provides all necessary bidding requirements: Legal Services RFP.



This is a proposal and recommendation to dispose of the following township vehicles using Govdeals auction website.

The following vehicles have been taken out of service for either mechanical or other issues that would not allow the vehicle to operate in a safe manner or no longer needed to do township business.

These vehicles are from the Fire Department’s Fleet inventory:

2004 Ford Expedition Vin # 1FMPU16L84LB64476
1996 Ford E250 Cargo Van Vin # 1FTHS24H1THB54585
1984 C-8000 Ford E-One Fire Truck Vin # 1FDYD80U9EVA08175

These vehicles are from the Police Department’s Fleet inventory:

2013 Dodge Charger Vin # 2C3CDXAT3DH643449
2012 Dodge Charger Vin # 2C3CDXAT0CH209195
2012 Dodge Charger Vin # 2C3CDXAT2CH209196
2010 Chevrolet Impala Vin # 2G1WD5E3XC1166185

This vehicle is from the Public Services Department:

1999 Ford Ranger Vin # 1FYT10X7XUB42652
2002 Dodge Ram 3500 Vin # 3B6KF26682M267731