The Colerain Township Parks & Services Department maintains 12 of the Township’s 29 cemeteries.

Township Maintained

1 Bethel (Old) Gaines and Springdale Road.  Davis Family
2 Blue Rock Northwest Side of Blue Rock in bend of road near Galbraith Road
3 Christ Church (White Oak) Van Zandt Road, 439′ East of Wuest Road
4 Colerain Township N side of Harrison Avenue, 1/2 mile east of East Miami River Road
5 Compton Compton Road and Pippin
6 Dunlap Station (Hedges) East Miami River Road, 3/10 mile north of Dunlap Road
7 Huston on By-Pass 50, 3/10 mile west of Pippin Road
8 Olive Branch Church West side of Blue Rock, 500′ south of Galbraith Road
9 Schluniger West side Hamilton Avenue, 4/10 mile north of US 128 (By-Pass 50)
10 Springdale North side of Springdale Road, 100′ east of Pippin Road
11 VanSickle East Miami River Road, south side 1 1/2 mile south of New Baltimore Bridge
12 Willsey Southwest corner of Eagle Creek Road and Welsh Road

Privately Owned

1 Cloud East side of Lick Road, north of By-Pass 50
2 Crawford East Miami River Road, 3/4 mile south of Blue Rock Road.  Very hard to get to.
3 Hammitt East side of Althaus Road, 100′ south of Thompson Road


1 Colerain Township Northeast side of Thompson Road, 1/2 mile north of Springdale Road.
2 Dean 1/2 mile west on private road west of Thompson Road
3 Franklin South side of Blue Rock Road, southeast of Weik Road
4 German United Brethren South side of Dry Ridge, 100′ east of Owl Creek Road
5 Hardin (abandoned) North side of Springdale, west of Colerain Park (stones moved to Bevis-Cedar Grove)
6 Ogg (abandoned) East side of Colerain, 1/10 mile north of Dunlap (Old United Brethern Church)
7 Smith (abonded) North side of Springdale, 100′ east of Pippin Road (Old Presbyterian)
8 Trinity Evangelical Church West side of Gaines Road, 3/10 mile north of Sheed Road
9 White Oak – Township South side of Blue Rock Road, 100′ west of Beerman Road

Church Owned

1 Bevis-Cedar Grove NWC.  Colerain and Dry Ridge Road
2 St. Bernard Church South side of Springdale, 200′ east of Harrison Avenue
3 St. John the Baptist Church South side of Dry Ridge, 1 mile west of Bevis
4 St. Paul Evangelical Church East side of Blue Rock, 500′ north of Sheed Road
5 White Oak South side of Blue Rock Road, 370′ west of Cheviot Road