Dravo Park

Obergiesing Soccer Complex at Dravo Park
9225 East Miami River Road

On November 8, 1999, Colerain Township and Obergiesing, Germany entered into a Sister City Agreement established to “promote exchanges in all fields, to deepen mutual friendship and support the causes of our citizens for the sake of friendly relations and genuine cooperation for peace and progress of the people.”  The agreement represents a partnership between two similar communities entered into for the mutual benefit of both communities.

Since 1999, the friendship between our two communities has grown.   Our communities have much in common, including a deep love for soccer.  With that commonality in mind, the Board of Trustees decided to honor this long-standing friendship on March 23, 2004 by renaming Dravo Park the Obergiesing Soccer Complex at Dravo Park.  While still in office, Former Trustee Diana Rielage presented the resolution renaming the park to officials with Obergiesing, Germany during her family vacation to the country.  Pictured above are:  Former Trustee Diana Lynn Rielage; Peter A. Ehrhard, Partnership Envoy; Horst Walker, Obergiesing Board Chairperson; and seated are Mrs. & Mr. Paul Saffer, the reception hosts.

Obergiesing Soccer Complex

Obergiesing Soccer Complex, formerly known as Dravo Park located on East Miami River Road, was formerly home to four baseball fields that were used by local baseball teams Monday-Saturday.  Because of a shortage of soccer fields in the Township, the baseball fields are turned into soccer fields every Sunday.  Placing soccer goals on top of baseball fields, with their infield dirt, was hardly an ideal playing situation for our soccer enthusiasts.  With Heritage Park’s four state of the art baseball fields further down on East Miami River Road, the Board of Trustees seized the opportunity to dedicate the fields at Dravo exclusively to soccer.  Conversion of Dravo to the Obergiesing Soccer Complex was complete in October 2006.

Canoe Ramps Open!

Thanks to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft’s Cooperative Boating Facility Grant, Obergiesing Soccer Complex at Dravo Park is home to one of two canoe ramps on the Great Miami River in Colerain Township!  Click here to learn more information on the canoe ramp.

Picnic Shelter

When the complete renovation of Clippard Park began in the summer of 2009, the old picnic shelter at Clippard was dismantled to make room for the construction of new park features and structures.  Not wanting to waste the structure that was still in decent shape, the Parks & Services Department decided to move the shelter to the Obergiesing Soccer Complex at Dravo Park.  The new shelter was assembled in the summer of 2010 and is now available to use on a first come, first served basis!