Request For Speed Trailer


The Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART) is currently available for use in neighborhoods, school zones, construction sites, and dangerous roads where the speed of vehicles could be a problem. This unit is a portable, self-contained speed display device that is towed to sites experiencing speed-related problems. A specially designed radar is mounted inside the locked trailer, clocking speeds. Motorists see their speeds displayed on a highly visible lighted display. The speed limit sign above the display reminds motorists to pay attention and obey the posted speed limit.

An on board computer collects information pertaining to date, time, and speed of each vehicle that passes it. With this information, the police department is able to appropriately dispatch road officers on the right day and time to enforce speed limits.

As speed awareness goes up, motorists slow down, even after the unit is moved to a different location. With fewer speed-related accidents, officers’ time is freed up, and they can concentrate their efforts on other issues. Plus, citizens feel safer, which is what compliance with the speed limit is all about: safety

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