Property-Related Complaints

The Planning and Zoning Department handles property-related complaints for Colerain Township, including:

  • Junk Cars on Private Property
  • Property Maintenance
  • Tall Grass
  • Trash in Yards
  • Vacant/Abandoned Properties
  • Zoning Code Violations

Service Requests

When completing a Service Request, please give as much information as possible.  If there are multiple Service Requests for a property, please complete a Service Request for each Violation.  Certain Violations follow different action timelines. 

If you would like to stay informed on the status of a Service Request, you can do so by several different methods.

  • Email – an automated email will be generated and sent to the provided email given during the completion of a Service Request for each status change.
  • Address – You are able to search for a property using the address
  • Reference Number – Each Service Request is given a unique reference number (HR19XXXXXX).  You are able to search using this reference number.

Before a Service Request is submitted, please search using the address of the property to verify that the Violation has not already been reported.  All DUPLICATE entries will be removed.

Click on this link to fill out Service RequestsIf you are unsure of a Violation or have further questions, email or call 513-385-7505 to speak Planning & Zoning staff.

Complaints Regarding Rumpke Landfill

Air Quality complaints should be filed online at Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency or called into the 24-hour Hotline at 513-946-7777.

Blasting Complaints

Blasting complaints may be called in to Colerain Township at 937-285-6357. Blast reports are recorded and sent to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and to Hamilton County Public Health.

Enforcement Benchmarks and Timeline - 2018