1st Inspection

Upon receipt of a complaint or upon noticing a vehicle of interest, the Zoning Inspector shall visit the premises on which the alleged junk motor vehicle is located. Photographs are taken to confirm the violation. Initial contact shall be made with the occupant(s) at the address provided. The nature of the complaint, the rules regarding junk motor vehicles, and remedies are explained to the offender or person representing the offender. If no one is available, a Warning Sticker shall be affixed to the vehicle. 

The carbon copy is retained for Township files depicting specific detail information about the subject vehicle. The notice also shall include contact information regarding the notice given. The vehicle owner is given three days to contact the Zoning office.

Letter of Violation

If no contact is made, a letter of violation is sent by certified mail or delivered in person. This letter indicates that the owner has 10 days to comply with Resolution Number 42-03 and Colerain Zoning Sections 12.7 and 13.7.5.

2nd Inspection

A second site visit is made following the 10 days indicated in the violation notice to confirm compliance or continuation of violation. If the violation is continuing, photographs are again taken to document this.

The Colerain Township Police Department is then notified of the offense.

This violation constitutes a minor misdemeanor and each subsequent day after receipt of notice that a Junk Motor Vehicle remains in violation constitutes a separate offense subject to a fine as provided in the Zoning Code Section 5.3.

Citation to Court

If the violation persists, the Inspector shall cite the owner to Hamilton County Municipal Court.