Zoning Violations

Zoning Violations are a detriment to our community and should be taken care of right away. 

Below is a list of common zoning violations and references to the specific relevant sections of the Colerain Township Zoning Resolution. Please fill out a service request below if you see a property with a zoning violation. 

  1. General
  2. Signage
  3. Pets/Animals
  • Commercial vehicle (larger than 1-ton pick-up/passenger van, vehicle over 18 feet long, or over 7 feet tall) including limousines, in residential driveway - 13.7
  • Compost piles/bins too close to property line, too big, too tall, too close to dwelling - 10.2.2(G)
  • Dumpster screening - 12.5.3
  • Fence not good-side out - 12.8.4
  • Gravel driveway (new) - 13.4.3(C)
  • Home Occupation - 10.3: 
    • Too many customers
    • Too much traffic
    • Employees not family
    • Outdoor evidence
    • Dangerous materials
    • Signage beyond 4 square feet wall sign
  • Kennels/dog houses too close to property line - 10.2.2(H)
  • Lawn Parking - 13.4.3 (C)
  • Living or running home occupation from RV - 13.6.2
  • More than one RV on one-acre or less or more than two RVs on a lot over an acre - 13.6.4
  • No Zoning Certificate - 5.2 and 4.2.1
  • Outdoor sales on vacant lot - 12.10.5(A)
  • Outdoor storage in front yard - 12.10.6(C)
  • Outdoor storage not screened - 12.10.6(E)
  • Outdoor storage on vacant lot - 12.10.6(A)
  • Outdoor storage over 6 feet in height - 12.10.6(D)
  • Outdoor/exterior lighting shining into neighboring dwelling unit - 12.9.4(C)
  • Outdoor/exterior lighting too bright 12.9.4(D)
  • Parking within 3 feet of residential property line - 13.7.4
  • Razor wire on fencing - 12.8.5 (Note: barbed wire is not prohibited)
  • Recreational vehicles (including boats) in front of house (more than 3 days), not setback properly - 13.6.12 and 13.6.5
  • Required landscaping dead/dying - 14.7
  • RV exterior not intact - 13.6.7
  • RV not on paved surface or pavers, surface not clean or weedy - 13.6.10
  • RV not registered/licensed - 13.6.9
  • RV not roadworthy - 13.6.8
  • Satellite dish in front yard - 10.2.2(I)
  • Vehicle in violation of Junk Vehicle Resolution 42-03 - 13.7.5
  • Vehicle used for storage - 12.6
  • Waste Receptacle Setbacks - 12.5
  • Woodpiles not neatly stacked or over 6’ in height - 10.2.2(B)

Service Requests

When completing a Service Request, please give as much information as possible.  If there are multiple Service Requests for a property, please complete a Service Request for each Violation.  Certain Violations follow different action timelines. 

If you would like to stay informed on the status of a Service Request, you can do so by several different methods.

  • Email – an automated email will be generated and sent to the provided email given during the completion of a Service Request for each status change.
  • Address – You are able to search for a property using the address
  • Reference Number – Each Service Request is given a unique reference number (HR19XXXXXX).  You are able to search using this reference number.

Before a Service Request is submitted, please search using the address of the property to verify that the Violation has not already been reported.  All DUPLICATE entries will be removed.

Click on this link to fill out Service RequestsIf you are unsure of a Violation or have further questions, email codeenforcement@colerain.org or call 513-385-2633.