CALEA The Gold Standard in Public SafetyThe Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) has accredited the Colerain Township Police Department after the department demonstrated it has met the established 444 standards designed to provide guidance in nine areas:

  • Auxiliary and technical services
  • Law enforcement operations, including investigations and special operations
  • Law enforcement role, responsibilities and relationships
  • Operations support including records, communications, property, evidence
  • Organization, management and administration, including training
  • Personnel structure, including recruitment, selection and evaluation
  • Prisoner and court-related activities
  • Traffic operations

Accreditation standards assure the community that its police department meets specific criteria established by a national governing body. The Commissioners consist of law enforcement leaders, as well as leaders from business and government.

Accreditation Process

The initial process consisted of a structured self-assessment process where the police department reviewed all of its policies and procedures. That was followed by an on-site inspection by three assessors from the Commission.

In August, the assessors spent three days reviewing the police department’s proof of compliance for each of the standards. As part of their review, the assessors interviewed many of the employees, held a public hearing for input from the community, and observed many of the activities of individual employees. Their report was reviewed by the entire Commission at its meeting in Nashville. The Commission first awarded accreditation in November of 2005.

Continuing Process

Accreditation is a continuing process. The period for accreditation is three years. During this period, agencies desiring to remain accredited must submit annual reports that document continuing compliance with standards. Every three years, the agency must also submit to an inspection by assessors who will spend three days on-site conducting a thorough review of the agency’s activities for the past three years.

Coveted Award

Accreditation is a coveted award that symbolizes excellence and a commitment to continual improvement. Colerain Township residents, business people, and visitors alike can take pride in its police department, knowing that it represents the very best in police service.