Filing an Appeal

An application for appeal must include the following attachments:

  • Specific references to the Section(s) of the Zoning Resolution being appealed. These can be found in the refusal letter issued by the Zoning Administrator and in the text of the Colerain Township Zoning Resolution.
  • A clear and accurate description of the construction or use.
  • All facts and reasons why the determination sought should be granted.
  • Plats and plans. 
    • Submit eight copies. 
    • The plats and/or plans previously filed for a Zoning Certificate may be used when filing the appeal, provided said plats and plans are drawn to scale and show the actual shape and dimensions of the lot to be built upon, the exact size and location on the lot of the building(s) and any accessory building(s) that are existing and proposed. 
    • Plans should also indicate the existing and intended use of each building or part of a building, the number of families or housekeeping units each building is intended to accommodate, and such other information with regard to the lot and neighboring lots as may be necessary to provide for a proper hearing and determination of the appeal. 
    • Where a new building, building addition, or building alteration is proposed, the plans shall bear the seal of a registered Professional Engineer, Architect, or Land Surveyor.
  • Eight copies of a typewritten list of the names and addresses of all the property owners of all abutting lots and lands across the street opposite the property and within a 200 foot radius of the property involved in the appeal. Said list must be prepared from the County Auditor’s current tax list from the plat book.
  • Eight copies of a plat illustrating all properties, including owner’s names as required above.
  • An appeal fee is required when the appeal is filed. All legal advertisements and adjacent property owner notification costs shall be the responsibility of the appellant.

Additional Information

  • The appeal must be received by the Department of Development at least 21 days before the next scheduled meeting date.
  • A legal notice will be prepared by this office and placed in a newspaper of general circulation in the county 10 days prior to the public hearing. Notice of the hearing is sent by certified mail to all property owners within 200 feet.
  • Failure to appear at the scheduled public hearing may result in the dismissal of the appeal.
  • An appeal will not be accepted unless and until all the above requirements are met.

For additional information, please contact the Colerain Township Department of Development at 513-385-7505.

Colerain Township Zoning Resolution

Fee Schedule