Shelter Rentals

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Offices are closed until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions.  

Additional COVID-19 Information for Parks:

  • Restrooms are open!
  • Shelters have re-opened, but with capacity limits:
    • Colerain Shelter 1: max. of 50 guests
    • Colerain Shelter 2: max. of 50 guests
    • Colerain Shelter 3: max. of 40 guests
    • Colerain Shelter 4: max. of 40 guests
    • Clippard Shelter A: max. of 30 guests
    • Clippard Shelter B: max. of 30 guests
    • Clippard Shelter C: max. of 40 guests
    • Heritage Park shelter: max. of 40 guests
  • Due to the increased sanitizing measures by staff, shelters will be ready for use after 11 AM.
  • Playgrounds are OPEN!!!  Stay distanced from people not with your group, wash/sanitize your hands before and after play.
  • Basketball courts are open! Again, please wash/sanitize hands before and after play.
  • Water fountains are closed. Park water fountains remain closed at all Township parks with these facilities. Plan ahead and bring water with you.
  • Traditional summer camp has been replaced with fun recreational opportunities this summer for the whole family!  Visit Parks & Rec Squad for information!
  • The Sprayground at Clippard Park is closed.  Typically, the Sprayground at Clippard Park would open on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Hamilton County Public Health says it must meet the same guidelines as public swimming pools including temperature and health checks of all users, limited occupancy and regular sanitizing. The wide-open nature of our sprayground is not conducive to limiting/restricting admittance or having one main point of entry allowing users to have their temperature checked.
  • Ballfields are open (when not too wet to play). Staff have been in contact with local sports teams on field reservations for an altered season.
  • The skatepark at Clippard Park has remained open. We ask that people not congregate and keep social distance, but area skaters and BMX bikers can still bring their equipment of choice to enjoy the skatepark!
  • Diamond Dogs Park at Heritage Park is open. The small dog park area is still under construction, but the main area is open.  Please remind your dog not to dig.  If they are as stubborn as mine and don’t listen, please re-direct them if they start to dig!
  • Concerts & Movies hope to resume at some point this summer.   No official word has come, but the Parks Department has our fingers (and toes, and those of us with enough hair are crossing it in a braid) that outdoor functions such as concerts and movies will be able to resume soon, with distancing restrictions.  Township staff are monitoring developments and will keep our residents up to date as we hear word!


Colerain Township Parks and Services Division has many shelters for you to choose from for your next picnic! We have four shelters available to rent at Colerain Park, three shelters at Clippard Park, and one shelter at Heritage Park.

In addition to the shelters that can be reserved, Colerain Parks also has two shelters that are available on a first come first served basis, one shelter at Groesbeck Park and one at the Obergiesing Soccer Complex at Dravo Park.

Dates & Fees*

Shelters are available to rent 7 days a week from April 15 through October 15.  Check back frequently for updates to the 2020 season. 

Reservation TypeBeginning DateFee
Resident365 Days in Advance$135
Non-Resident365 Days in Advance$225

Procedures & Regulations

  • Reservations for the season will be available 1 year in advance. Shelter reservations can be made online. Residents may also make reservations in person at the Parks Office, 4160 Springdale Road, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. only.
  • No telephone reservations or mail-in requests accepted.
  • Colerain Township only rents the sheltered areas and ball fields at each park and amphitheater at Colerain Park. The parks, all play structures and equipment are open to the public - that includes features that are adjacent to some of the shelters such as horseshoe pits, volleyball court, corn hole, sprayground, etc. Only the shelter you have rented is limited to your own use.
  • The number of tables at each shelter listed is not guaranteed.
  • The parks are open from dawn until dusk. Your shelter rental is for the entire day. We do not split days. The parks are closed from dusk until dawn. Shelter must be vacated by dark.
  • Applicant must be eighteen (18) years of age and in attendance during reservation period and responsible for the group and condition of the area after the group has left the premises.
  • Reservations available daily, April 15 through October 15. Township sponsored activities have priority in the scheduling of shelters.
  • Confirmation of reservation and payment with cash, check or credit card (extra 3% fee for in-office credit transactions), on a first come, first served basis. Reservation fee is $135 for residents and $225 for non-residents.
  • Refunds are available for cancellations made 10 days prior to reservation only. Rental refunds for those who are eligible to receive the same can expect the refund within six (6) weeks. An applicant may reschedule their date if prior notice is given; the new date must be within the same calendar year. No refunds given for inclement weather.
  • No glass containers. Alcohol consumption under reserved shelter area only. Alcohol is not permitted in the park except in the reserved areas.
  • No bounce houses. Inflatable play equipment, tents and pop-up canopies are not allowed.
  • No DJs are permitted. Noise generated from the shelter area is not to be plainly audible 80 feet from the shelter per Colerain Township Board of Trustees Resolution Number 9-03.
  • General clean-up is the responsibility of the applicant. The Applicant is responsible for leaving the area in a safe, clean and orderly condition. The organization/applicant holding the signed permit is liable for all damages to plants, trees, park grounds and park property resulting from the permit holder’s use of the park. No staples, duct tape, nails, or adhesives that will leave permanent residue or damage may be used to attach any items to the shelters or picnic tables. Tape may be used, however, all tape must be removed at the end of the applicant’s rental period.
  • All Colerain Township Parks and Services Park Rules and Regulations must be followed. Failure to do so may result in the termination of occupancy at anytime without a refund. The Colerain Township Parks and Services Department reserves the right to deny a future reservation due to violations of park rules and regulations.
  • The Board of Trustees shall have the authority to modify shelter usage rules and regulations as needed and they shall have the authority to waive or modify any fees associated with the use of park shelters.

More Information

Should you have any additional questions, please call Tawanna Molter 513-385-7502, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.