Lock It or Lose It!

“Lock It or Lose It” campaign aims to decrease thefts from vehicles Lock It or Lose It

In an effort to reduce thefts from cars this summer and beyond, the Colerain Police Department has launched a campaign to remind residents: If you don’t lock your car, you’re making it a target for crime. Some communities have seen a decrease in these thefts after teaching people about increased chance of theft from unlocked cars. 

"Lock It or Lose It" Tips

The “Lock It or Lose It” program promotes easy tips for Colerain residents to follow to make sure items aren’t stolen from their cars:

  • Don’t leave valuables in an unattended vehicle
  • If that’s not possible, lock the materials in the trunk of the car, or at least place them out of clear view
  • Always lock unattended vehicles
  • Lastly, notify police of any suspicious activity by calling the Police Non-Emergency Tip Line at 513-321-COPS

Warning From Police Chief

“Colerain residents must not become easy targets,” Colerain Police Chief Mark Denney said. “Working together with the ‘Lock It or Lose It’ program, we can eliminate many of these crimes.” Denney stressed that residents should always keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious. “Be good neighbors and look out for each other,” he said. The summer and holiday months see an increase in thefts from vehicles.