Training Division

Fire Training

The Training Division of the Colerain Township Department of Fire and EMS is known across the state and beyond for providing exemplary educational services to emergency care providers, both within the department as well as outside. Fire department members receive training each and every shift, which is the foundation to providing the highest level of services possible to the community. 

Colerain is among the few fire departments in the state of Ohio that maintain their own chartered fire program. Colerain Fire first established its charter in 2002 and has maintained it since that time. In order to be permitted to instruct initial certification classes and become a “fire charter” or “chartered program”, a department must apply and be approved by the Executive Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety – Division of EMS. A department qualifies and receives a certificate based upon several factors including compliance and adherence to the auspices of the Ohio Revised Code (laws) and the Ohio Administrative Code (rules). Every three years, a department must reapply and be approved to continue as a chartered institution. We are proud to serve the community and help to educate the men and woman that will become our future firefighters. 

In addition to holding a fire charter certification, the fire department has partnered with Cincinnati State Technical and Community College which grants the opportunity to instruct initial certification courses, including the Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic Programs.  

The fire department is also an approved Continuing Education (CE) site which is required to provide ongoing medical education for providers. Initial certification and CE courses offered for emergency medical providers and firefighters at Colerain Fire include (but not limited to) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS); Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS); Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS); Fire Service Instructor; Fire Safety Inspector; Fire Safety Inspector Instructor; and all associated Refresher Courses. 

Firefighter I, Firefighter II, and Emergency Medical Technician Courses are incorporated into the Colerain Township Department of Fire and EMS Fire Recruit Program. Please visit out Recruit Program page: Fire Recruit Program

For more information regarding training and classes offered, please contact the Training Division.

Matt Vangen, Fire Training Division Captain
(513) 923-5041