Blood Pressure and Glucose Screening

Blood pressure and glucose screening is provided as a free service to the community at any Fire Station between the hours of 8AM and 5PM. 

Residents are encouraged to take a proactive approach to maintain good health. High blood pressure, especially chronic high blood pressure, can lead to potentially life-threatening conditions such as a heart attack, aneurysm and stroke.  Through blood pressure screening, those individual who are found to be high at risk are provided with educational information and referred to their primary care physician for a follow-up visit. Identifying high blood pressure is the first step in reducing your risk of serious medical conditions. 

Elevated blood pressure and blood glucose levels are silent killers. Often times, the patient is unaware that their sugar or blood pressure is high. Extended periods of time that either of these numbers run high, cause damage in your body. Over time, life-threatening illnesses can develop. Fluctuations in weight (usually gaining weight) and age can play a significant role in the development of type II diabetes, even if you have not had sugar abnormalities in the past. All residents are encouraged to have their sugar levels screened. 

For more information, please call (513) 825-6143.