Public Records Request

The Township Fiscal Officer, one of four elected officials for the Township, is the chief fiscal officer and record keeper for the township. The Township Fiscal Officer is responsible for keeping a record of proceedings at public meetings, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, reporting to the state and county auditors, and fulfilling public records requests.

There are three primary ways to request a public record:

  • Online, through the Township’s Customer Service Request System
    • To perform this request, please click this link. Then select "Request Service" in the center of the page. On the following page, input either your address or you can input the Township Administration Building address (4200 Springdale Road) and proceed to Step 2. For this step, use the drop down window to select "Records Request" and fill in the appropriate detail on what type of document you are seeking and then move on to the next step. Finally, input your contact info and click submit.
  • Via Phone or Email
    • To request records over the phone or via email, please contact the Township Fiscal Officer at 513-923-5006 or
  • In person
    • Records Requests can be made in person at the Township Administration building (4200 Springdale Road). 

A copy of the Township’s existing records retention schedules for all departments can be found in the below link.

Want more information on Public Records? Check out the information on the transparency page or give us a call at 513-385-7500.