Energy Plan Element

The Colerain Township Comprehensive Plan is comprised of several “elements” that thoroughly address the topics of land use, transportation, housing, energy, natural systems, public facilities and services, economic development, intergovernmental coordination, and capital improvements. 

The Purpose of this Element is to investigate issues centered around energy use and delivery in the community; identify how these issues intersect with land use patterns and transportation choices; and formulate strategies to reduce wasted energy, improve the resiliency of energy systems, meet future demands for energy, and improve access to and the use of renewable and/or cleaner sources of energy. Energy planning has a large role in quality building standards; emergency management planning (since most community –wide emergency events involve the disruption of power delivery); facility cost and fiscal projections; air quality; and land use.

This Energy Element of the Colerain Township Comprehensive Plan was produced through the efforts of the Ohio Kentucky Indiana (OKI) Regional Council of Governments and the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance working with a steering committee named by the Township Board of Trustees and Colerain Township staff. This planning effort was funded primarily through a Duke Energy / Greater Cincinnati Foundation grant.

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