COVID-19 Community Action Plan

Geoff Milz

To The Residents, visitors and businesses of Colerain Township: 

We truly are living in wild times. I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you the priorities and precautions the Township is taking as we move into this public health emergency. It is important to remember that, for most of us, this virus is like any other – it makes us feel sick for a short time then it passes. However, for those in high-risk populations (elderly, extremely young or those with preexisting health conditions) this virus can prove to be very dangerous and even deadly.

One of the biggest challenges we face is hospital capacity and overburdening our healthcare system. With many people getting sick in a short period of time, the potential exists that our hospital system may be overwhelmed and sick people may not be able to get the care they need. Therefore we need to follow the guidelines and rules that have been issues by the CDC, Ohio Department of Health and the Hamilton County Public Health Department.

On Monday Evening, (Monday March 16th), the Colerain Township Trustees unanimously passed a resolution declaring a State of Emergency for Colerain Township. This falls in line with declarations at the state and federal level and open multiple avenues of assistance and funding available to Colerain residents.

Recently I met with all the department heads to discuss our response to COVID-19. The department heads have been working diligently to produce a model that we can use to provide a framework of what organizations, businesses and individuals can do to minimize the potential for spread. You will see on the following pages that our township staff and employees are following the same guidelines we are recommending to our public.

Please refer to this Community Action Plan and use this website to navigate through the various pages through the links to the left.   

While we anticipate the impact of this virus to continue to get worse, I can without a doubt also state with confidence that our Township will meet these challenges head on and take care of one another when the time comes. We will show world that we are #COVID19ColerainReady.

Take care and stay healthy