Apply online:

Online Permit Application:

You will receive your permit within approximately ten (10) business days.

When filling out an application, you will need to submit a site plan of your proposed structure/alteration. Please make sure dimensions are clearly written on the plans. 
Click here to see an example of a site plan.

Zoning Permits

If you would like to print out a physical form, please click the link under Quick Links. If you have any questions, please email 

A Zoning Permit is required for the following:

  • New construction or structural alteration of any building or structure, fences, swimming pools, and accessory buildings such as sheds, garages, etc.
  • Change in use of an existing building, accessory building, lot, or portion thereof, to use of a different classification, excluding changing to any agricultural use.
  • Occupancy and use of vacant land excluding agricultural land.
  • Change in the use of land to use of a different classification.
  • Any change in the use of a nonconforming structure.

Please click below to watch a short video on how easy it is to apply for a zoning permit!

Please note, the above video references an email address that is no longer in service. The correct email address is

Also, the link for filing a permit application has been updated to