New Firehouse FAQs

With two new fire stations being built in Colerain Township, we want to take a moment to give you some fast facts about our new firehouses.

Fire house facts

Construction: Pepper Construction - 100 Williams Street, Cincinnati, OH 45215
Architectural Design: Emersion Design - 310 Culvert St., Cincinnati, OH 45202
Groundbreaking date: Station 102 - Oct. 10, 2023 & Station 26 - Oct. 24, 2023

New Station 26 Location -8282 Clara Ave., Colerain Township, OH 45251
New Station 102 Location - Generation Drive, Colerain Township, OH 45251

Q: Why are we housing firefighters?
A: Colerain Township Department of Fire & EMS has firefighters/EMTs at firehouses for quicker response times. In an emergency, every second counts!

Q: Why don’t we remodel or rebuild Station 26 and 102 on the existing sites? 

A: To be more fiscally responsible. Colerain Township did a public-private partnership RFP, the results of which said we would not be able to build a station on that site to meet the current needs of the facility. 

Both fire stations that are being replaced were built to meet the needs of the community 60-70 years ago. As the decades have passed, equipment, such as ambulances and fire engines, have grown in size and the existing garages were not built to accommodate these newer, larger vehicles. In addition, the existing living quarters were built with a volunteer department in mind, creating issues for a modern-day, all-hazards workforce. 

Q: Why is the Department of Fire & EMS moving Station 102 south?
A: Station 102 is moving about 2 miles south of its current location. This strategic move is done with residents in mind. This relocation will allow a 750% increase in the number of residents reached within 4 minutes, without neglecting the northern coverage area. Should you or a loved one experience a medical emergency, seconds and minutes matter!
The location for Station 102 on Generation Drive was also chosen due to a land donation, reducing taxpayer costs by about $1 million.

Q: How much are these two stations going to cost, and when will they be operational?
A: The total cost of the two stations is $15.3 million. Construction on the station is estimated to be complete by August 2024, at which time they should be fully operational.

Station 102 rendering North West Corner_Ground LevelQ: Why choose Groesbeck Park for Station 26?

A: Our goal is to create an enhanced civic space for the community and reinvest in the corridor by placing a firehouse there. This also coincides with the Greater Groesbeck Plan, a neighborhood reimagination plan created by residents and presented to the Township Trustees. The new station will also provide a new parking lot for visitors, a plaza area with memorials, restrooms that are available for public use, and a new “trail” to connect our maintenance team to the southern areas of the park.

Q: What will happen to Groesbeck Park?

A: The facilities at Groesbeck Park have significantly deteriorated, making it a less-than-adequate community space. For example, the light poles that were previously at the site had deteriorated to the point of becoming a safety hazard and had to be removed last fall. Sports teams that used Groesbeck Park were contacted more than a year ago, telling them that the park would no longer be available for use. Additionally, our Fire Chief has put countless hours into helping these teams find new, better practice areas.

There will also be several enhancements to Groesbeck Park as a result of this project that include a new trail to connect the northern lot to the lower playground and shelter. Restrooms that will be available for use inside the fire house that will be available 24/7/365 (restrooms are currently only open from April to October). Additional landscaping, new public parking, and a new memorial plaza will be installed as part of this project that will all be available for public use.

Q: What about Little Cards/Colerain Youth Football?
A: The Township has been working with the leadership of Colerain Youth Football since September of 2022 to help them identify a new location for their practices. Based on these conversations and this work, a new site has been located that will result in additional practice space as the new location is 3 acres in size, compared to the existing 2-acre field. Members of the association are encouraged to speak with the head of Colerain Youth Football for more information.

Q: I've seen a lot of rumors on social media about the new fire stations. How do I know what's true and what's not?
A: Verify your sources. Reputable websites and news outlets will cite where the information comes from. Check other sources to see if they corroborate the information. Be cautious of anything user-generated, like memes or social media; likes and shares don't necessarily mean that a post is factual.