How long are the trails?
Trail LocationTrail Length
Clippard Park (3500 Bevis Lane)1/2 mile paved and 1/2 mile natural
Colerain Park (4725 Springdale Road)1 mile, including the paved football field track
Colerain Township Senior and Community Center (4300 Springdale Road)Less than 3/4 mile paved
Drew Campbell Memorial Commons (4160 Springdale Road)1/2 mile out and back trail (connects to Stone Creek)
Heritage Park (11405 East Miami River Road)1.2 miles paved
Skyline Park (8400 Pippin Road)1/8 mile paved loop
Wert Park (3460 W. Galbraith Road)
1/2 mile natural trail

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1. Does Colerain Township have any walking trails?
2. Where are the trails located?
3. How long are the trails?
4. Do you have any natural trails?
5. Are bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, and/or roller skates allowed on park walking trails?
6. Do you provide snow removal along the walking trails in the winter?