What is the Citizen’s Fire Academy?

The Colerain Township Citizen Fire Academy (CFA) is a community outreach program that focuses on the citizen and building long-lasting relationships with residents of the community. The academy is a ten-week program (11 with graduation night) conducted in the evening one night a week. The program is not intended to be for those who wish to become certified firefighters and emergency medical technicians, but rather to obtain an understanding and general education of the services provided by the department, and what the fire service is all about. 

During the academy, citizens will attend indoor classes that are highly interactive, as well as outdoor classes that are entirely hands-on. Once the student graduates from the Citizens Fire Academy, he or she will have the opportunity to assist the fire department in making a positive impact within our community. Graduates of the CFA have assisted the department with smoke detector blitzes, fundraisers, public educational events, and much more. For more information or to enroll in the Citizens Fire Academy, please contact Jennifer Ploeger at jploeger@colerain.org or call (513) 245-5451. 

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