Do you have a dog park at any of your parks?

Yes, Colerain Township opened a dog park in 2018! One of the baseball fields at Heritage Park (11405 East Miami River Road) was converted into a dedicated dog park where dogs can run free without being on a leash. 

Trees have been planted that will eventually provide shade to benches spread throughout the dog park. Agility equipment and water have been installed for the dogs to enjoy. We have a separate area for small and big dogs. The small dog park is located near the main dog park. In addition to our dog park, all Township parks are dog-friendly. All pets must remain on a leash (maximum six feet in length), kept under physical control at all times, and not be a nuisance or a danger to other park users. 

Pet owners are required to remove their pet’s fecal deposits from the park grounds and place their waste in a suitable receptacle. No pets are permitted in play equipment areas or on baseball fields. Colerain and Clippard Parks have dog watering stations along the walking trails. Most parks have mutt-mitt stations to use to pick up pet waste.

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9. Do you have a dog park at any of your parks?
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