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  1. Colerain Township Academy Application

    We are happy to announce the opening of the next class of the Colerain Township Academy. Our goal is to increase the public’s... More…

Fire Department

  1. Address Sign Request Form

    Make your address more visible. You can order a reflective address sign either horizontal or vertical. If your residence is on the... More…

  2. File of Life
  1. Colerain Fire Academy Application

Planning & Zoning

  1. Application for Appeal - Board of Zoning Appeals

    An appeal must be filed within 20 calendar days of the action causing the appeal (ORC 519.15).

  2. Map Amendment Application Form
  3. Tactical Urbanism Mini Grant - Application

    This application is for applicants and/or organizations that are interested in creating a project injunction with the ideas of Tactical... More…

  1. Lot Split Application
  2. Non-Conforming Use Certificate Application

Police Department

  1. Citizen Complaint Form

    A citizen complaint is an allegation from any source, of any action or inaction by Department personnel the individual considers being... More…

  2. Compliment Form

    On behalf of Colerain Township and the Colerain Police Department, please accept my thanks for taking the time to recognize the quality... More…

  3. Police Services Survey

    Dear Colerain Township Citizen, We have created this survey in the hope that you will help us determine how effective we have been as... More…

  4. Traffic Complaint
  1. Colerain Township Police Academy Application
  2. Fingerprinting
  3. Request for Speed Trailer

    The Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART) is currently available for use in neighborhoods, school zones, construction sites... More…

  4. Vacation Check and Extra Patrol Request Form

Public Services

  1. Memorial Brick Order Form

    Purchase a paver brick to leave a permanent inscription of your name or other sentiments in the Colerain Township Gateway Memorial.... More…