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Map Amendment Application Form

  1. Requirements

    See Zoning Resolution Section 4.3 for a full description of the Amendment process. For questions, clarification, and confirmation of meeting times, please call the Colerain Township Planning and Zoning Department at 513-385-7505.

    All required items must be submitted by the published deadline for the desired Zoning Commission meeting.

    • Application fee
    • Application letter signed by the property owner, describing the proposed zone change and project. (15 copies)
    • Completed application form.
    • Legal description of the property.
    • Letter confirming conceptual approval of sewer from MSD or OEPA as applicable.
    • Names and addresses of property owners adjacent to the subject property. Hamilton County Public Works and SDS applications. (2 copies)

    Drawing Copies Required

    • 10 full-size copies of the drawings listed below, signed and stamped by a registered professional preparer. These
    • Should be folded to 8.5 inches by 11 inches with title block visible.
    • 10 11-inch by 17-inch copies of the drawings

    Digital version required for each of the drawings listed below, in JPEG or PDF format (use colors readable on white background), on CD. To submit, contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 513-385-7505.

    Site Drawings(s) shall include:

    • A vicinity map.
    • Existing property lines, dimensions, and orientations.
    • Parcel IDs and names of property owners adjacent to the subject property.
    • Adjacent streets and rights-of-way.
    • Existing and proposed zoning district boundaries.
    • Existing buildings and structures on property and on adjacent property within 50 feet of property line.
    • Proposed new construction and site work.
    • Equipment, outbuildings, dumpster locations, etc. that will be visible on the site.
    • Proposed demolition of existing buildings, pavement, fencing, etc.
    • Total gross and net acreage of the site and square
    • Footage of existing and proposed buildings.
    • Existing flood plain elevation.
    • Proposed flood plain drainage and control measures.
    • Dimensions for setbacks, rights-of-way, easements, and other site restrictions.
    • Parking and loading configuration, including:
      • Aisle and stall dimensions.
      • Calculation of total spaces
      • Criteria used to determine total needed, pavement detail, curb location, curb detail
    • Watershed details for site and within 200 feet around the site. Include GPM calculations for expected runoff for 5, 10, and 50 year storms.
    • Proposed site drainage, including water retention/detention and sedimentation control measures.
    • Building downspouts and storm sewer sizes and locations.
    • Existing site contours (5 feet minimum) and proposed grading plan.
    • Impervious surface ratio (for non-single family
    • Projects).
    • Location(s) of any existing and proposed ground signage.

    Building Drawing(s) shall include:

    • A building plan for each building, showing the interior layout of the building and overall dimensions.
    • Exterior elevations shall show all major mechanical equipment, satellite dishes, etc. that will be located on the exterior of the building and the method(s) of screening these items.
    • Exterior elevations Of all sides of proposed new construction (including significant renovation). Building materials should be noted. (For additions to existing buildings, sufficient portions of the existing building shall be shown in elevation to convey an understanding of the relationship between new construction and existing.
    • A roof plan shall be submitted if any major items of equipment are to be located on the roof. (Drawings, photographs, and/or manufacturer's literature may be required to convey the size and character of these items.)

    Landscape Drawing(s) shall include:

    • Clearing limits and existing plant material that is to remain, including an indication of the size Of all major trees, shrubs, etc. Existing trees of four-inch caliper and greater must be shown if subject to removal. (Size and extent may be conveyed by photograph.)
    • Proposed new landscaping including notation indicating size and species of all new plants.
    • Existing landscaping on adjacent properties must be indicated if it influences the landscape planning for the site under construction (may be conveyed by photograph).

    Lighting and Signage Drawing(s) shall include:

    • Text, color, dimensions, character, and location of all existing and proposed signage. (Building mounted signage may be shown on the building elevations.)
    • Location, dimensions, details and specifications for exterior lights, including type of standards and radius of lights.
    • Photometric chart showing intensity in footcandles across the site and at property lines.
  2. All required items must by submitted by the published deadline for the desired Zoning Commission meeting.
  3. Application
  4. Township: Colerain, Book: 510
  5. Signatures
    Although the Applicant need not be the same as the Owner(s), the Owner(s) shall co-sign for an amendment.
  6. Filing fees shall accompany the application. Make check payable to: Colerain Township Board of Trustees.
    There shall be no refund or part thereof once public notice has been given.
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